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"CBC Distributes Azaleas, Honors A.J. Fletcher Winners, in 31st Annual Celebration"
November 2, 2016

(CBC) - On Saturday, October 22, 2016, CBC distributed azaleas to the winning nonprofits…
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History of Spay Today

Spay Today opened in May, 2006 in response to the large numbers of animals entering, and dying in, the Pitt County Animal Shelter...continue reading

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Photos courtesy of Coastal Pet Portraits.


Meet Henry

henryHenry was adopted from a co-worker who could no longer care for him. He was still a puppy. In a year's time, Henry was now with his third owner. After he bonded with his new family, "John Henry" was taken to Spay Today to have his first real vet visit. In addition to neutering, Henry was micro-chipped, wormed, vaccinated and received flea and tick medications. And, he got a tattoo! Today, the three-year old terrier is full of joy and energy. He loves playing with his "brothers" and "sisters" in the backyard and occasionally at the office. Henry especially enjoys coming to work with his mom. When Henry is in the office, there is never a dull moment. If he isn't chasing a ball up and down the halls, he's perched on the stairs, serving as office "watchdog." One look into his big brown eyes and you fall in love. Even when he sometimes gets into mischief, Henry's mom can never stay mad at such a sweet face!

henry henry

Meet Oliver

We don’t know what Oliver’s life was like before he entered the Pitt County Animal Shelter, but once there, he was thought to be sweet enough to be placed up for adoption.  So, he was sent over to Spay Today to be neutered. 

Unfortunately, while there, he tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.

The next step would have been euthanasia, but we had all fallen in love with him and wanted to help him if we could.  A few phone calls were made and the Marley Fund came to his rescue!  Oliver has now been adopted and lives in a wonderful, caring home.

Meet Mable

Mable rescued herself by running in the doors at Sam's Club in Winterville. Met by a large group of dog lovers, she was taken home by one of them. Mable's owners can only speculate that before she got to Sam's Club, she was used as a "bait dog" in a dog fighting ring. When Mable was taken to the vet, a few days after she was rescued, the biggest question her owners had was whether or not Mable was spayed. The vet was unable to tell until she looked at Mable's belly and there was a small green tattoo and she knew immediately that Mable was in fact spayed at Spay Today.

If that tattoo hadn't been on Mable's belly there is a good chance she would have been opened back up with the intent of being spayed. The vet would have found that she was already spayed, wasting time and money as well as causing unnecessary pain to Mable.

The second photo shows Mable when she was found, her face cut up and swollen and very malnourished. The first photo, is Mable now, with her mom. She still has trouble with other dogs and cats, but she is in a happy home and loving her life!


Meet Zuchinni

Zuchinni rescued in Greensboro and brought to Greenville. Zuchinni's mom was an indoor cat that escaped and got pregnant. As the result of this Zuchinni was spayed as soon as she was old enough so her owner was positive that the same thing wouldn't happen to her. Zuchinni loves to watch out the window and sit in the bookcase.









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